(3 to 6 years old)​

Established in 2014, Dreamkids is a happy, bilingual (English & Chinese) preschool with a strong emphasis on raising future-ready children, by offering unique early years programmes, kindergarten and enrichment classes for children from ages 12 months to 6 years old. 

Anchored on the motto of “Happy Teachers, Happy Children, Happy Parents”, Dreamkids’ early years programmes, kindergarten and enrichment classes are designed with 4Cs in mind - creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.  


Builds human connections  ​

Building genuine human connections naturally – this is one key element that has become a concern, especially in the technological world where conversations are held more over mobile devices rather than face-to-face. This is why in Dreamkids, they want to teach our children to learn how to develop strong social connection to the people, from their friends and teachers in school to the community residing in the neighbourhood. 

Besides being involved in community projects such as raising funds for Children Cancer Society through Alex’s lemonade stand event, and sewing Bicentennial Bears with children and caregivers from The Heart Enterprise, Dreamkids is also a strong advocate of global citizenship with the Dreamkids’ community spearheading the Project Dreambox, which Dreamkids works with Hopebox and other community partners to build schools in third world countries such as Aceh (Indonesia) using refurbished freight containers.

Strong emphasis on raising future-ready children who dare to dream and create the change they want to see in the world.

Dreamkids Future Ready Curriculum consists of Dream Building activities (which include Dream Board Making and Great Wall) and Portfolio. Through working on the portfolio of achievements, Dreamkids promotes future ready skills – the mindset and abilities that children need to develop in order to succeed in the digital age. The future ready skills consists of nine domains, namely Life & Career, Thinking, Learning to Learn, Creativity & Innovation, Collaboration & Negotiation, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Communication & Participation, Media Literacy & Technology and Citizenship and Responsibility. These domains form an integral part of Dreamkids Future Ready Curriculum. Some of these achievements include writing and publishing of books. 


Develops growth mindset where children  take ownership over their own learning and abilities. 

According to Carol Dweck, there are two main mindsets we can navigate life with: growth and fixed. Having a growth mindset is essential for success. Changing our beliefs can have a powerful impact. The growth mindset creates a powerful passion for learning. The growth mindset is imbued in children through explicit teaching and integration in all learning areas across the curriculum. The topics covered include what a growth mindset is, positive self-talk, dealing with challenges and learning from mistakes. 

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 
– Eleanor Roosevelt -
This is what our early childhood education in Dreamkids is all about – inspiring dreams in our children.


"I’ve often had people tell me that Sophie’s school is very modern and creative every time they hear about her syllabus and school activities.


Sophie and we as parents love DreamKids. We initially started out in the parent accompanied classes to try out the school and Sophie loved it. A number of my apprehensions were quickly relieved as the teachers were very observant, attentive and down to earth. Class sizes were also just right.


We are continually amazed at what Sophie comes home to share with us - the programs and syllabus are creative, original and current. She learnt about the lifecycle of a frog at 2.5 yrs old! Also, Dreamkids makes an effort to expose the kids to a range of outdoor activities from every thurs at marine cove playground to trips to museums and farms.


An added bonus is also how the school promotes a community of parent to parent bonding, organising mommy and daddy night outs. Love it."

From Ms Michelle, 2018


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