(3 to 6 years old)​

At Dreamkids, we provide a wide variety of worthwhile experiences which will help to develop the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding. Through Fun Learning Approach, children are given opportunities to:

  • Manage Information 

  • Think, solve problems and make decisions

  • Be creative

  • Work with others

  • Self-manage

Learning are taken account of children’s interests and experiences. Hence it is crucial that activities are carefully planned to ensure continuity and progression. Some of the popular themes that facilities learning include Our Homes, Transport, Our Community, People Who Help Us, Animals, Insects and more. 

In Dreamkids, we also place strong emphasis approach character building and we approach it with the understanding that in order for values to stay, they must be imparted using the VAK Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic) approach, and further develop as success habits

Foundation Curriculum (Value & Character Building)

Our Foundation Curriculum is built based on years of study and research of the wisdom accumulated over centuries by successful people and our heroes. Fusing eastern values such as 四维八德 into the contemporary context of the world that we live in, we believe that with the cultivation of these values through consistent practice, our children develops wisdom as they grow. We do not want our children to be smarter, but also wiser. This is especially important in the near future where Artificial Intelligence will become smarter than human beings.

Future Ready Curriculum 

Through working on the portfolio of achievements, Dreamkids promotes future ready skills – the mindset and abilities that children need to develop in order to succeed in the digital age. The 21st Century Skills consists of nine domains, namely Life & Career, Thinking, Learning to Learn, Creativity & Innovation, Collaboration & Negotiation, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Communication & Participation, Media Literacy & Technology and Citizenship and Responsibility. These domains form an integral part of Dreamkids Future Ready Curriculum.

Fun Ecosystem

"It takes a village to raise a child." Using our proprietary Dreamkids’ Happy Ecosystem, parents, grandparents and teachers come together to learn and grow with your child, transforming values into habits. The Dreamkids’ Happy Eco-system is built based on our motto - “Happy Teachers, Happy Children, Happy Parents”, where teachers, children and parents grow and learn together happily. We believe that with strong values coupled with success habits, our children are ready for learning and growing fast.


"I’ve often had people tell me that Sophie’s school is very modern and creative every time they hear about her syllabus and school activities.


Sophie and we as parents love DreamKids. We initially started out in the parent accompanied classes to try out the school and Sophie loved it. A number of my apprehensions were quickly relieved as the teachers were very observant, attentive and down to earth. Class sizes were also just right.


We are continually amazed at what Sophie comes home to share with us - the programs and syllabus are creative, original and current. She learnt about the lifecycle of a frog at 2.5 yrs old! Also, Dreamkids makes an effort to expose the kids to a range of outdoor activities from every thurs at marine cove playground to trips to museums and farms.


An added bonus is also how the school promotes a community of parent to parent bonding, organising mommy and daddy night outs. Love it."

From Ms Michelle, 2018

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