The BEST PLAYFUL Curriculum is playfully written by Early Childhood Experts to provide meaningful play experiences that leads to deeper learning, and thus provides an optimal environment to develop the skills and knowledge that children need to thrive and succeed as adults.


Children are born eager to learn and curious by nature. Everything is a wonder to them.Children are intrinsically motivated to play, which makes it fertile ground for learning and developing new skills. During play, children can take charge, making choices about what they do and how. Play can be a highly social activity, allowing for opportunities to learn from and about others. Thus, play can provide many opportunities for learning, but not all play is learning, and not all learning is play.

At Dreamkids, we allow children to satisfy their curiosity in a safe learning environment and engage in self-initiated, and playful exploration. As such, learning occurs naturally. When children play, the experiences simultaneously fuel emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and ethical development.

Through play, children not only figure out how the world works, but choose how they want to learn and do what they love. Each child is seen as a unique individual and their interests and motivational factors are skilfully incorporated in to pedagogical design of learning experiences. Learning objectives are supported by the learning environment, physical material, paper based exercises and digital activities. Children are immersed in the learning topics through varying information channels and have the ability to choose what excites them most for repetitive actions.