Upcoming Holiday Programme

Yes, we are running a whole new programme at DreamKids! We are very happy that Dreamkids Kindergarten shares our philosophy in a holistic education, recognizes the multiple benefits of the arts and aesthetics in early childhood development and in providing children with opportunities for fun, excitement and learning during the school holidays.


This drama holiday program teaches children the skills for devising theatre through stories, movements, songs, games and crafts. 

5 Day Fun On A Farm Drama Program

Session 1: 2 Dec to 6 Dec

Session 2: 9 Dec to 13 Dec

Timing: 9:30am to 12:00pm

Age Group: 3 to 7 years old


Scott Lei is passionate about arts education. He believes that music and arts promote culture and enrich the young minds, completing them all round development. Practicing what he preaches, Scott sings and acts professionally, play the piano, erhu, guitar and composes music. Scott’s multiple talents in the performing arts, along with his love for children, has made him a highly sought after trainer, valuable and beloved teacher mentor and friends to many of his students.

He has founded iPlaystage which uses teaching methods based on Dr Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory, which works on the principle that every child is smart but in different ways. There are children we know who have significant skills with word and language, yet others are better with math and logical thinking processes, while others are tuned to music and rhythm, or expressing themselves through body movements. We strongly believe that the SPORTS and the ARTS form an essential part of the human experience, as they are languages that all people speak, cutting across individual differences in culture, educational backgrounds and abilities.



This coming December we are excited to bring you a 5-Day Fun In A Farm Drama Workshop for children age 3 to 6 years old. During this workshop, children are encouraged to be confident, curious, think creatively and independently, not just trained to give the “right” answers. These are essential life skills necessary for our children to prepare them for the challenges of our world today.

ENRichment ClasseS

Our Drama classes give our children (age 3 to 11 years old) an avenue to express themselves in a safe, fun and engaging environment. Through interactive activities, songs and stories, children will learn to develop confidence, social, listening and communication skills .

Teachers' WORKSHOP & training PROGRAM

We offer Drama Workshop and Training for parents and educators where participants will be introduce to basic drama tools and strategies such as mime and tableaux. We are also able to customise our programs to your needs. 


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