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Franchise Opportunities

If you believe in our mission - “Raising happy children who want to change the world through their big dreams and little actions to make it a better place”, and share our passion to impact more children and parents in the world with our dream early childhood education, we welcome you to be part of our family as a franchisee.

3 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us

  1. We believe in Education First, Business Second.  Many preschool businesses or franchises fail because they go by Business First, Education Second, forgetting that building a successful education business goes beyond just a curriculum or operating system, but a strong mission-based culture built together by teachers, parents and children. 

  2. We are Franchisee-Focused, meaning that we want you, as our franchisee, to be successful when embarking on this remarkable journey with us because we know that when you are successful, we are too.

  3. We are a Crazy Team of Passionate Early Childhood Educators and Entrepreneurs who want to impact the lives of children and parents through our work in early childhood education. In other words, as part of our Dreamkids family, your journey with us would surely be a fun and meaningful one.

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