What if learning was fun? Fun Learning is based on the thought that in order to learn, the learner needs to be intrinsically motivated. The subject matter to be learned needs to be presented in a playful, exciting way that will invite and motivate them to get carried away. Once this happens, the learner will start loving what they are doing – and when you love what you do, learning is fun and efficient.

The FUN in Fun Learning stands for motivation and passion that occurs when you are in a state of flow or deeply concentrating. In this context fun is not a synonym for frivolous or being entertained passively - it describes a deeper sense of meaningfulness, belonging and of being appreciated. In order for learning to be fun, failure and mistakes should be seen as a natural part of the learning process. At best, it can be fun to fail, but at least it has to be very OK to make mistakes.


The most optimal circumstances for learning are when we feel safe, when we are appreciated for who we are, when we have permission to be autonomous and experimental, when we can use our physical capabilities as well as our intellect, and when we work together. As learning happens, failure is not perceived as negative or dramatic.


Fun Learning acts as a vehicle to ignite passion and interest and to guide the learner to a path of persistence and commitment - to the will to learn. Through Fun Learning, we take care of the overall well being of our children.

Our Children

New skills are learned in fun and innovative ways. Children are engaged and active in the learning process through play. Dreamkids strives to turn young learners into lifelong-learners. Both parents and teachers are challenged to read, sing and talk with the child every day and to allocate adequate time for free play.

Our Parents

Fun Learning promotes the overall wellbeing of children. Investing in early childhood education will pay off: it will make the whole society stronger by empowering tomorrow's global citizens. Studies show that putting time and effort in early childhood education leads to healthier, better-functioning individuals. By helping our children reach their full potential we plant the seeds of a bright future.