Why is alphabet so hard for some children to learn? There are many reasons behind it. The 26 letters of the English alphabets are hard to remember, confusing and have abstractions that do not relate to anything but sound. Yet it is very important for children to learn to read. Children who have challenges decoding words are almost always poor readers. 




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What make our resource kits different?

  • It is a systematic approach to teaching phonological skills that will covers all key skills: alphabets, blends, digraphs, long/short vowels, r- and l-affected vowels and syllabus.

  • Each kit is designed according to children's learning cycle and in alignment with Singapore's Nurturing Early Learners' Framework

    • Awareness - ​This is where activate your child's prior knowledge by getting him/her to think of words that begin with the letter sound that you are teaching. 

    • Exploration - Introduce letter name and letter sound using the poster, picture cards, word cards and emergent reader which you can find in the resource kit.

    • Acquisition - Go over what he/she has learned through hands-on activities such as matching the word to the picture card and puzzles.

    • Application - Go for a sound hunt by getting your child to find three objects in the house that start with the letter sound.

letter b_bundle.png

  • It includes a variety of differentiated, hands-on activities that parents can use to help your child to have fun reading. 

    • Poster

    • Picture Cards​

    • Word Cards 

    • Emergent Reader (consists of sight words)

    • 3 Part Cards (word label, a card of the picture, and a card with the word label) to help children internalise the information

    • Matching Word to Picture

    • Matching Sentence to Picture

    • Puzzles

    • Parents' Tips - How to sound the letter?

    • Assessment