Dreamkids - The World’s Glocal Preschool


“Think globally, Act locally.” 


“Glocal” is a concept in education that is used to connect global and local contexts. It is associated with familiar terms such as global citizenship education or education for sustainable development.   


Glocalized Learning focuses on blending and connecting local and global contexts when teaching and learning concepts that apply across different scale levels in fields such as sustainability and environmental science. Learning becomes effective when put into local context because children can better relate to the content and material through familiar examples. The focus becomes discovering the connections between the local issues and the global concepts studied during class.


In Dreamkids, children learn how they can practically apply sustainable development concepts that affect their local communities. In this way, they are more likely to take meaningful actions because they have an easier time grasping locally and culturally relevant concepts.


For example, children could learn about climate change by understanding weather patterns in their region; they could learn about world hunger caused by desertification and create a local food drive in their communities, or they could learn about the importance of recycling by tracking a product that they use every day through the product lifestyle.


We believe that changing attitudes and values is not enough, and for education to be effective, we need to show children how they can act on behaviours. In addition, we need to remove any barriers to taking action. For children, behaviours are greatly influenced by personal factors and peers, so they need to see their peers, teachers, and school communities promoting and taking the same action. We seek to achieve this through the following four steps:


  • Learning and understanding concepts through global themes and trends

  • Using examples in real-life contexts and experiences

  • Taking meaningful action

  • Reflecting


With our specially designed Dreamkids Glocal Education, we seek to nurture happy and empathetic global citizens and problem solvers who want to make the world a better place.


Our Dreamkids Glocal Education consists of 3 key components:


1. Dreamkids Future Ready Education

This is our flagship programme that is specially designed after years of research and study of successful people in the modern

world, to nurture our preschoolers the success mindset and 21st-century skillsets necessary for them to make an impact on the community and the world. 


We adopt the Sustainable Development Framework and Inquiry Frameworks in our Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2 classes. Both frameworks focus on bridging connections to the real world.


Sustainability is becoming more important for everyone, and sustainable actions help make a difference in society. Recognizing our children’s potential roles as agents of change implies that learning should relate to conversation, recycling as well as an appreciation of the world

we live in.


2. Dreamkids Happy Eco-system

There’s a saying - “It takes a village to raise a child”. In this new world, the “village” is the community that we live in because this is the context of how our children perceive the “world” to be. By constantly getting our children to engage the community beyond just parents and teachers, we drive human connection, which is key to developing our children to have high IQs and high EQs. 


3. Dreamkids Character Building Education 

This is built based on our belief in 先做人、后做事, essentially meaning that education of our children starts with this - values. It means that children should be taught how to be useful human beings first, as learning is never complete with just acquiring knowledge.


A unique element of this programme lies in “East Meets West”, which we develop based on the fusion of Eastern and Western values and cultures, hence nurturing our children to be useful global citizens. 


Raising happy children who want to change the world through their big dreams and little actions to make it a better place.

Our mission is to raise happy children who want to change the world through dream and little actions to make the world a better place. How can we make sure that the next generation is better off than we are? As parents and educators, we must play a greater role in equipping our children for a more challenging future who pay more attention to the world’s problems such as global warming. Our purpose is to build a future using a new model of learning that connects reality to everything we do and inspires children to think creatively and playfully to make our world a better place.


Gratitude goes beyond saying “thank you”. It is the invisible force of Dreamkids, and brings out the best in every individual. We want to teach our children that things happen for a good reason. Being grateful is the source of unlimited strength, resilience and keeps us humble. 


Life is full of challenges, and these problems may cause tremendous stress or pain. By practising calmness and mindfulness, we can embrace our realities, reflect and deal with them with enhanced open-mindedness, higher level perspectives, equanimity and creativity.


Compassion, empathy and the ability to love unconditionally are what make us different from machines or A.I. High tech, high touch. As technology brings us exponential growth, practising big love through building meaningful relationships and doing meaningful work, is key to living a happy and fulfilling life.