P1Preparatory Programme

(5 & 6 years old)

Registration for Term 2 is now open.

Term Dates: 14 March to 30 May (12 weeks)

About Our Programme

Getting our children to be Primary School Ready can be very tricky. 

One common problem in many P1 preparation programmes is that they teach “too much”, resulting in children getting the “I know all already” syndrome and hence, under-stimulated in Primary 1 because of boredom.

How can we, as parents, prepare our children well enough to confidently handle the challenges in Primary School, yet NOT over-preparing them and allowing them to still learn curiously and not get bored because of “knowing too much”?

Adapted from Dreamkids’ Signature Language and Literacy Programmes for English and Chinese, which was developed by our team of Early Childhood Team and Ex-MOE teachers with more than 10 years of teaching experience, Dreamkids proudly presents our P1 Preparatory Programme, and seeks to prepare children in the both English and Chinese Literacy, using the Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic methodology. 

Our goal is to achieve the right balance between preparing our children for P1 and nurturing the love and curiosity for learning, so that our children can have the best Primary 1 experience that will develop them to become life long learners, thinkers, readers and writers.

Weaving the 8 language skills of Dreamkids’ Signature Language and Literacy Programmes (available in both English and Chinese) into our P1 Preparatory programme, and through our Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic methodology, our goal is to instill the love for learning and ensure that children develop the skills they need to become life long learners, thinkers, readers and writers.

Our literacy-rich curriculum is based on a thematic approach that places children's literature at its core. It encompasses writing composition, reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, as well as phonics. It encourages children to ask questions and explore ideas through games, music, dramatisation and more.

With the above goals in mind, our lesson materials must engage our children and meet their learning needs. Hence our curriculum is designed based on the following principles:
a. Children learn in a variety of ways.
b. Children's experiences shape their motivation and approaches to learning. 
c. All areas of development and learning are important.
d. Development and learning proceed at varying rates.
e. Children learn best when they have secure relationships.

Our Curriculum

Our Literacy Framework

Adopts a V-A-K methodology towards learning "enables that child to grasp the learning activity much, more quickly because you are presenting the information in a format that child is predisposed to understand
Weaves  8 language skills and goals which include listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar phonological awareness, vocabulary development,  concept of print and more within the curriculum
Develops growth mindset where children are encouraged to make and learn from mistakes where we reframe mistakes into learning opportunities. By developing a positive approach to learning, children can get smarter
High quality programme with small class ratio  allowing teachers to focus more on the needs of individual child
(1 teacher to 5 children/session). 
Literacy Skill Chart.jpg

In a typical session, children will play with sounds and words. They will be given time and opportunities to have fun with sounds and words. Using stories, poems, music, pretend play and games, children will play with rhymes, alliteration, sound/letter connections, understand what they have heard, use new vocabulary words in their conversations and have fun putting their imagination into words.

From learning the sounds that make up words, to figuring out what the meaning of the words, this is an important phase of our children’s life — and an exciting one. Hence we aim to make each session fun and engaging for our children. 

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