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Raising Happy Children

A mind-enriching and meaningful parenting talk to building happy and healthy parent-child relationship

In this parenting session, you have a panel of experts discussing supporting children's well-being through parenting. 

Here's what you will take away:


Muhammad bin Kamit (SG)
Founder of Let's Play Outside


Muhammad bin Kamit (Singapore) Muhammad loves educating children but often finds himself troubled by the lack of opportunities to learn and play outside. He believes that young minds deserve the chance to discover and explore the world outside with confidence and curiosity to stretch their imagination - which contributes to a well-rounded education that understands that learning also takes place outside of a classroom. Come learn from him how to CREATE PURPOSEFUL PLAY ANYWHERE with your child.


Ng Man Qi Melissa

Founder of Hummus Education (BrookieKids)

Nurturing Healthy Minds: MINDFUL SCREEN TIME PRACTICES with Preschoolers

“What would Maria Montessori do if there was technology at her time? Would Montessori practices turn out differently? How do we use technology to our advantage in supporting healthy child development? ” These are the questions that speaker Melissa has been asking in her parenting and edu-preneurship journey. Technology has become integral to our lives and our children's future. How do we balance the learnings earned from years/centuries of research with new insights on current technologies and early childhood education? Through this sharing, Melissa hopes to share her personal experience in pursuing her Master of Education, parenting and leading edutech startup Hummus Education on ways to introduce mindful screen time practices with preschoolers. 


Marie-Valencia Bungar

Founder of Early Intervention Centre

IDENTIFYING Developmental Red Flags in Young Children

Marie-Valencia holds a Bachelor's degree in Special Education and Teaching, complemented by a Master's degree in Education.  Over the course of her 34-year career in the field of special education, she has worked with numerous young learners, remediating their individual needs. Under her leadership, The Early Intervention Centre, which she has managed for the past 14 years, has grown into a place of learning and change catering to children's unique needs.

Certainly, Marie-Valencia's extensive experience in special education and her role as a leader at The Early Intervention Centre make her well-equipped to share valuable insights on identifying developmental red flags in young children. Early detection is crucial for timely support and maximizing a child's growth and well-being.


Detecting developmental red flags early could pave the way for timely intervention and support, fostering a path towards their optimal growth and well-being.


Dawn Choy

Founder of Dreamkids Kindergarten

Parenting is a BALANCING ACT

Indeed, as the founder of Dreamkids and a mom to four children, Dawn likely has valuable insights into managing familiar children's misbehaviours. Come find out how parents like Dawn can support themselves and their children, especially when pushing their boundaries. 

Remember that parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. It's essential to be patient with yourself and recognize that there will be challenging times. By caring for your well-being and seeking support when necessary, you can provide a stable and loving environment for your children, even during the most demanding phases of life.

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