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This Is An Important Message To All Parents Of Preschoolers

How to keep my little one(s) engaged at home, just like his/her preschool teacher…

Given the current Covid-19 situation where all preschools are closed, and the line between work and parent becomes blur, you are not alone in feeling the anxiety, frustration, overwhelm and helplessness when it comes to ensuring that your highly energetic child gets the essential learning, engagement and purposeful play at home.   


In fact, this is the perfect opportunity for us to be better parents by being involved, and we are going to help you do that by providing your FREE Resources for your child’s Home-based Learning!

These FREE Resources are:


  1. Specially designed by our team of experienced early years practitioners for children from 4 to 6 years old, and helps you to save time in finding the RIGHT RESOURCES for your child.

  2. Helping children to become more independent as they work on these resources quietly so that parents can take a breather or attend to meetings at home.

  3. Created to engage your child meaningful at home

  • Dot To Dot Activity Book​ is a fun way where children learn their numbers and number order

  • Colour By Numbers Activity Book is a perfect way children practice their number and colour recognition. At the same time, developing dexterity and coordination in them.

  • Spot The Difference Activity Book helps children to concentrate, think and learn to notice the details.

Let Dreamkids Home-Based Learning Resources take the OVERWHELM out of parenting your child in this Stay-At-Home Period.

Yes I want immediate access

to these FREE Resources