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Dreamkids KIndergarten @ East Gate

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Dreamkids Toddlers' Enrichment @ East Gate

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Dreamkids Early Years Centre @ Chengdu



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Dreamkids Kindergarten 




Developed by Early Childhood Team and Ex MOE Teachers with more than 10 years of teaching experience.

Why Us

V-A-K approach towards reading and writing

8 language skills

Integrate games, music, drama and more into the programme

High Quality Programme with small class ratio

(1 to 4 children /class)

Dreamkids' signature Language and Literacy Programmes (available in both English and Chinese) weaves 8 language skills into our P1 Prep programmes through our Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic approach. Our goal is to instill the love for learning and ensure that children develop the skills they need to become life long learners, thinkers, readers and writers.

How It Works

In a typical session, children will play with sounds and words. They will be given time and opportunities to have fun with sounds and words. Using stories, poems, music, pretend play and games, children will play with rhymes, alliteration, sound/letter connections, understand what they have heard, use new vocabulary words in their conversations and have fun putting their imagination into words.


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