Interactive Numeracy (1 to 9) Activity Book
  • Interactive Numeracy (1 to 9) Activity Book

    Print out these pdf worksheets to help your child learn to recognize, read and write numbers from 1-9.  These activity sheets prepare children for learning to count and perform simple math.




    About the Interactive Activity Book

    This interactive activity books focuses on:

    • ational counting
    • number sense 
    • number relationship
    • matching
    • comparing
    • sequencing 


    At the top of the page,your child can trace the number using crayon or his/her finger. 


    Your child can draw the number of star in the box and thereafter circle the specific number required.


    Your child can also work on his/her pincer grip as he/she traces the number with a crayon or pencil.

    Lastly, he/she will work on one-to-one correspondence by colouring / drawing the number of objects required.  

    We have also added more interactive activities such as cut and paste the missing numbers, playdough mat, sequence the puzzles and more!