Keep your sanity and engage your little ones in a meaningful and fun way with our Dreamkids Home-Based Learning Kit that is like no other, full of activities, games, readers, journals… everything you need to keep your highly energetic children occupied purposefully… 

It's available now.

From the desk of Dawn,

As a mom of 4 children, founder of Dreamkids Kindergarten and an early childhood educator of more than 15 years, I know that children can sometimes be a handful especially when they are cooped up at home during these tough times, and parents constantly need to find things to engage them meaningfully without burning a hole in the pocket.

Do you:

  • Wish that all the resources that you want can be found at one website?

  • Wish that you don’t have to spend long hours on the internet looking for activities to engage your child?

  • Wish that there is a schedule that could guide you through your child’s learning?

Introducing Dreamkids Astronaut’s Adventures Home-Based Resource Kit for preschoolers (aged 4 to 6 years old)

The all-in-one PDF bundle enable your child to continue learning at comfort and safety of your home.

astronaut pdf bundle.jpg

This Home-Based Resource Kit that will take the OVERWHELM out of parenting your child in this Stay-At-Home Period!

It is specially designed by our team of experienced early years practitioners for children from 4 to 6 years old, and helps you to save time in finding resources for your child. 

It engages early years activities for each learning domains based on Singapore's Early Years Development Framework and Nurturing Early Learners Framework.

It includes one week’s worth of activities:

  • Home-based Learning Daily Plan

  • Astronaut Emergent Readers

  • Colouring Sheets

  • Mazes

  • Board Game

  • SNAP!

  • Memory Game

  • Bonus: 
Astronaut Activity Book

  • Bonus: 7 Day Self-Care Journal

  • Bonus: 30 Day Family Activities Calendar

astronaut pdf bundle2.jpg

"Love this! Who knew home-based learning would be so much fun?!"
Linda Gidney, mother of 2 children

"This morning session passed quickly! They enjoyed their sessions!"

Michelle Allen, mother of twin boys

Most importantly, this Home-Based Resource Kit has been proven FUN, PLAYFUL and ENGAGING, with RAVE REVIEWS from the parents and children from our Dreamkids Community!


Today’s Price only S$19.90 (Usual Price: S$49.90)

Let Dreamkids Home-Based Resource Kit take the OVERWHELM out of parenting your child in this

Stay-At-Home Period. Get it now!

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