(13 to 24 months)

Our signature parent-accompanied programme is carefully designed for parents with children aged 13 to 24 months. What follows is a unique blend of sensory story-based activities where children access the stories in many ways, such as dramatisation, music and movement, cookery, puppetry, crafts and more. 

What is so unique about our programme?
✅ Small class size to provide better support and engagement 
✅ Bilingual session to promote higher cognitive function
✅ Sensory Story Based approach where young children learn through their five senses
✅ Highly interactive 90 min session where the parent-child relationship is strengthened and a new friendship is formed 

Expect each session to be fun, laughter, love and messiness! 


(13 to 17 months)

Wednesday and Friday, 75minutes, 3:30pm to 4:45pm


(18 to 24 months)

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 90 minutes, 3:30pm to 5:00pm



(18 to 36 months)

According to early childhood scientific research, sensory play for toddlers is crucial because it builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, leading to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Additionally, sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, and social interaction. In addition, this type of play aids in developing and enhancing memory, which is critical to the child’s ability to learn naturally. Unknown to many parents, sensory play is also great for calming an anxious or frustrated child, aiding the child's socio-emotional growth.


This 2018, due to popular demand from young parents for our parent-accompanied programmes, we, the team at Dreamkids Kindergarten (Singapore), our parent organisation, unveils our School For Tots, specialising in the holistic development of children of ages between 18 to 36 months.

While Dreamkids Kindergarten (Singapore) offers our regular drop-off nursery and kindergarten programmes for children aged 3 to 6 years old, Dreamkids' School For Tots offers a series of enrichment programmes consisting of parent-accompanied classes, a 3-hour drop-off programme as well a Flexi drop-off programmes in an interactive, safe and happy learning environment, indulging our little ones with a rich variety of experience through sensory play to positively stimulate their senses that will lay the crucial foundation for success in the future.

Our expert team of professional and happy early childhood educators will guide parents and children through a purposeful learning journey, where children learn through sensory play, music and movement (Kindermusik ABC & Me), gym, storytelling, cookery and creative expressions. In addition, get ready for the many opportunities for outdoor learning, such as Phonics by the Beach, where parents and children learn phonics together while enjoying the sun, sand and sea, allowing the little ones to experience stretching their sensors and exploring various concepts of space and movement while mastering English.


We adapt a play-based inquiry approach for our young ones but what type of play are we talking about? Play that really engages children—play that they will focus on and stay with even when problems arise. This kind of play helps children develop their approaches to learning—in other words, the ways they respond to learning situations. Curiosity about the world, initiative and problem solving, and focused attention and persistence are just a few approaches to learning that children develop through play.

Through play, we aim to nurture their curiosity, enhance their creative skills and build up their communication skills.


Nurture Curiosity

Through our playful curriculum, children will develop the ability to ask questions and explore how the world works.

Learning through play also involves being actively engaged. When children are immersed in the act of self-directed effort, are minds-on, and persist through distraction, we see benefits to learning.


Enhance Creativity Skills

We aim to build and enhance children's creativity through play, sensory activities, music and movement and arts!

When children trying out possibilities, revise hypotheses, and discover the next question - leads to deeper learning.


Develop Communication Skills

Children are given opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings clearly and confidently in a range of media and forms. 

Through the processes of sharing one’s own mind, understanding others through direct interaction, and communicating ideas, children are not only able to enjoy being with others but also build a deeper understanding and more powerful relationships.


"Dreamkids is a rich and fun learning preschool we came across on Facebook a year ago. The school at the time was only about a year old; however, they were attracted by their exciting curriculum - learn fun. A good team of teachers is crucial when we pick a school for our twin toddlers. Teachers in Dreamkids are experienced, caring and responsible, and we never doubted their capabilities from the start. They ensured a smooth transition for our boys into the new environment from another school within a short period. Its curriculum works well with them, and they enjoy Dreamkids very much. They also remember most of the teachers' name and their classmates. 


From two active toddlers who hardly sat down for more than 5 minutes, Dreamkids caught their attention to sit and listen to their lessons willingly. We could see via the weekly newsletter and story park app that they enjoyed their classes, and the things they learned were brilliant. We were impressed when they came home with something new they had learned in school. Their mandarin also improved over time, and they are more receptive to speaking a little or repeating after us at home. One time they could even sing a Chinese song to us. Every week via Story Park, we could see what they have learned over the week. Also, with the advance notice, we get to know what would be taught in the following week. This helps parents to teach the kids at home along with the school. Thumb up for Dreamkids! Keep it up! Hi5!"

From Ms Michelle, 2016