Project 1 - DreamBox

In 2017 - 2018, we deliver a Dream Box to Aceh, Indonesia. DreamBox is a joint initiative by Dreamkids and Hopebox to provide education for children living in third world countries by building schools using freight containers. We believe that by giving every child, especially those living in poverty, the opportunity to gain new knowledge and learn useful skills, we can unleash their full potential, aspire them to dream big and eventually become change-makers in their own communities. A shout-out to all who made this meaningful idea become reality - Thank you for the persistence, despite the challenges faced!

Project 2 - The HEART Enterprise

In 2019, we adopted The HEART Enterprise as our Corporate Social Responsibility Project. The HEART Enterprise is a social enterprise set up to make an impact on individuals with special needs, in particular autism. We worked on The Bicentennial Bears National Day Project where our K1 and K2 children work with trainers from The HEART Enterprise to sew 54 Bicentennial Bears. These bears were displayed in Wisma Atria over a 11-day period in August (8 to 18 August) for Singaporeans and tourists to view them in close range. At the end of the exhibition, the bears were adopted to raise funds for The HEART Enterprise’s Purposeful Living Community Village.