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About Dreamkids Preschool

Think globally, Act locally."

The concept of "Glocal" in education bridges the gap between global and local contexts, intertwining with familiar notions like global citizenship education and sustainable development education.


Glocalized Learning, a cornerstone of our approach at Dreamkids, emphasizes the fusion of local and global perspectives when teaching concepts applicable across various scale levels, particularly in fields like sustainability and environmental science. By incorporating familiar examples, learning becomes more effective as children can readily relate to the content within their local context. The focus shifts towards uncovering connections between local issues and the global concepts explored in the classroom.

At Dreamkids, we empower children to apply sustainable development principles within their local communities practically. This approach increases the likelihood of meaningful actions, as children can swiftly comprehend concepts that are not only local but also culturally relevant.


We firmly believe that merely changing attitudes and values is insufficient. For education to be truly effective, we must demonstrate to children how they can act on these behaviours and eliminate any barriers to taking action. Personal factors and peer influence play significant roles, emphasizing the importance of showcasing peers, teachers, and school communities actively promoting and participating in similar actions. To achieve this, we follow a structured four-step approach:

  1. Learning and understanding concepts through global themes and trends

  2. Utilizing real-life contexts and experiences as examples

  3. Taking meaningful action

  4. Reflecting on the entire process


Our Values

Be Grateful

Gratitude goes beyond saying “thank you”. It is the invisible force of Dreamkids and brings out the best in every individual. We want to teach our children that things happen for a good reason. Being grateful is the source of unlimited strength and resilience and keeps us humble. 


Be Mindful

Life is entire of challenges, which may cause tremendous stress or pain. By practising calmness and mindfulness, we can embrace our realities, reflect and deal with them with enhanced open-mindedness, higher-level perspectives, equanimity and creativity.

Big Heart

Compassion, empathy and the ability to love unconditionally are what make us different from machines or A.I. High tech, high touch. As technology brings us exponential growth, practising big love through building meaningful relationships and doing meaningful work is key to living a happy and fulfilling life.

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