Playgroup to K2 

Our kindergarten programme for Playgroup, N1, N2, K1 and K2 are designed to place emphasis on building the human spirits and values, as well as equipping them with the essential future skills in our children through our fun learning approach. 


Forest Programme

In this programme, we turn the natural playground into a makers-space, giving your child access to both the natural and man-made materials to create as they explore the East Coast Park and learn more about outdoor survival life-skills. 

This programme aims to give our children the opportunity to unleash their creativity, promote teamwork, discover and appreciate the world that we live in. 


Resource Kit

Our resource kit is specially designed by our team of experienced early years practitioners for children from 4 to 6 years old, and helps you to save time in finding resources for your child. 

It engages early years activities for each learning domains based on Singapore's Early Years Development Framework and Nurturing Early Learners Framework.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

This is what our early childhood education in Dreamkids is all about – inspiring dreams in our children.


What if learning was fun? Fun Learning is based on the thought that in order to learn, the learner needs to be intrinsically motivated.

Indulging your little ones with a rich variety of experience through sensory play to positively stimulate their senses that will lay the crucial foundation for success in the future.




Watch how our Dreamkids children have fun singing and playing with Ambassador Paula, and understand how Dreamkids works with our Finnish partner, Fun Academy to prepare our children to be future-ready with the Fun Learning Approach, as well as the best early childhood practices from both Finland and Singapore .



Dreamkids is a rich and fun learning preschool we happened to come across on Facebook a year plus ago. The school at the time was only about a year old we were however attracted by their very interesting curriculum - learn in a fun way.  For us, a good team of teachers is one of the important factors when we pick a school for our twin toddlers. Teachers in Dreamkids are experienced, caring and responsible and we never doubted their capabilities from the start.  They ensured a smooth transition for our boys into the new environment from another school within a short period. Its curriculum works really well with them and they enjoy Dreamkids very much.  They also remember most of the teachers' name and their classmates.  

From two active toddlers who hardly sat down for more than 5 minutes Dreamkids caught their attention to willingly sit and listen to their lessons.  We could see via the weekly newsletter and story park app they enjoyed their lessons a lot and things that they learned are brilliant. We were impressed when they came home with something new they learned in school. Their mandarin also improved over time and they are more receptive to speaking a little or repeat after us at home.  One time they could even sing a Chinese song to us. Every week via Storypark we could see what they have learned over the week.  Also with the advance notice, we get to know what would be taught in the following week this helps parents to teach the kids at home too along with the school. Thumb up for Dreamkids! Keep it up! hi5!

Ms Michelle

(Parent of Dreamkids since 2016)

Our young son has always been very sociable, full of energy and curiosity as well as a sensitive soul. It was of real importance to us that we find the right kindergarten which supported our values and would nurture his personality and kind spirit. From the moment we stepped through the door of DreamKids @ Eastgate we all felt completely at home. DreamKids' first focus is happiness, happy children, happy teachers, happy parents. This matches our own family values and desire that our son's learning experience be more than letters and numbers, we want to instil the same values in him, to be happy and to share happiness with others, to be kind and thoughtful and to be a valued member of his community. It is abundantly clear how much our son is developing and thriving at DreamKids. Our son is excited to go to school every morning and enjoys talking to me about what he has learnt and the friends he has made. He has an enthusiasm for learning and a confident approach to trying new things. 

The teachers at DreamKids are all fantastic, they care so much about the children and believe in the learning experience they are creating. We have a great amount of communication with all the teachers and the Principal. Using Storypark, an online platform, we receive regular updates, photos and videos of what our children are doing at school as well as lesson plans and other important information. Using this online platform means that the teachers can share so much more with the parents without it becoming an admin burden for them. I feel more involved in my son's schooling and am able to support his learning at home too.

In short, I can not recommend DreamKids highly enough. Thank you.

Ms Jemima

(Parent of Dreamkids since 2016)

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