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Welcome to Dreamkids Kindergarten

Empowering Young Minds for a Fulfilling Life

Dreamkids isn’t just about education; it’s about building a foundation for a life filled with purpose, joy, and connection.

Dreamkids stands out as more than just a preschool; it’s a transformative journey inspired by Ray Dalio’s influential work, Principles. We set ourselves apart by seamlessly blending traditional learning with the cultivation of meaningful habits and problem-solving principles, laying the groundwork for success beyond academics. 

At Dreamkids, we understand that as a parent, you want the best for your child—a nurturing environment where they can grow, learn, and develop into confident, compassionate, and capable individuals. We achieve this through our unique three-pillar approach, which not only fosters character development but also equips children with problem-solving skills and encourages self-directed learning. 

Let's create a nurturing environment where your children's dreams can take flight together.

Our 3-Pillar Approach

Building Character,
One Habit at a Time

At Dreamkids, we know that character is the foundation of a fulfilling life. We don’t merely teach positive traits; we embed them into our daily routines.

Empowered Problem Solvers, Ready for the World

Inspired by Ray Dalio’s Principles, we equip children with the tools to navigate challenges confidently. Each child creates their own ‘Principle Handbook’—a personalised toolkit to document their unique problem-solving strategies, reflect on their learning journey, and set goals for personal growth. 

Sparkling Curiosity in Learning, 

Raising Self-Directed Learners

Learning at Dreamkids is an exciting journey filled with curiosity and creativity. Our project-based curriculum allows children to dive deep into their interests, promoting collaboration, communication, and innovative thinking. 

Our Programmes


Early Years

At Dreamkids Kindergarten, we believe in the power of play as the cornerstone of early childhood education. Our play-based approach fosters every child’s love of learning, creativity, and holistic development. 


Kindergarten Years

We believe in the power of curiosity and the joy of discovery. Our inquiry-based approach encourages children to ask questions, explore new ideas, and learn through hands-on experiences. 

What Parents Say

"Both our daughters are having a great experience in Dreamkids, the elder loved the school from day 1 and looks forward every day to going back to school; the younger one was a bit more tricky, but after just a few days she fell in love with the school like her big sister. We are very happy with the progress we have seen on both of them and how the school has helped them to grow, learn and have fun with their friends."
Luis (Parent of Ava & Harley)

Get in Touch

105 Lor Stangee, Singapore

+658777 8834

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